Sponsorship Packages

KOREA BUILD promotes exhibitors from the beginning to the end of the exhibition through on-line and off-line marketing service. It will be a great opportunities to promote your companies, products and technologies during the exhibition.

ㆍSome programs are subject to change depending on the operation policy by exhibition. the following amount are per exhibition.
ㆍThe details of all sponsor advertisements may be changed in part of that, and the organizer has final authority about the advertisement operating policies.
ㆍ Invitation letter banner advertisement
ㆍ Advertisement for a visitor’s pass
ㆍ Lobby register stand banner advertisement
ㆍ Exhibition Guide Map banner advertisement
ㆍ Homepage banner
ㆍ Longitudinal gangway banner set
ㆍ E-Newsletter banner advertisement
ㆍ Inserting company advertisement in the envelope of the invitation card
ㆍ Insert poster logo
ㆍ Pre-registration confirmation email banner advertisement
ㆍ Booth location Consulting
USD 90,000
[VAT Excluded]
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