2019 Show Report

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Number of Exhibitors
Number of Booths
Number of Visitors
For accurate big data management and analysis, the counting method is changed as follow.
– Existing counting method: Duplicate counting for visitor those who visited more than 2 days.
– Changed counting method: Only one counting for visitor those who visited more than 2 days.
Visitor survey result

Purpose of Visit

Search for interior and remodeling trend(18.3%)
Obtain new technology information(18.1%)
Obtain new product information(18.0%)
Consultation for new construction(11.2%)
Trend identification and general exhibition tour(10.4%)
General market orientation(7.5%)
Purchase exhibits(3.5%)
Home maintenance/repair/management(3.3%)
Search for new business line(2.7%)
Prepare to move house(2.0%)
Attend seminar and forum(1.6%)
Buying consulting(1.3%)

Nature of Business

Interior ㆍ Remodeling(13.0%)
Building material manufacture(8.1%)
Government official(2.2%)
Building management(1.9%)
Housing Construction(1.9%)
Real estate developer(0.6%)
Building owner(12.8%)
General visitor(46.4%)

Field of Interest

Interior design·Remodeling(22.3%)
Interior, Exterior · Structural Materials·Insulation(16.1%)
Lighting·Electrical Installation(8.1%)
Windows and Doors·Hardware(7.1%)
IoT·Home Security(5.7%)
Coating Materials·Waterproof Material(5.4%)
Air conditioning and Heating·Ventilation Equipment(5.3%)
Housing Information·Software(5.3%)
Gardening·Public Facilities(5.3%)
Sanitary Items(3.1%)

Product Purchase Involvement   Lost of visitors with purchasing power

Having Purchase Decision(51.3%)
Core Role in Purchase Decision(20.7%)
Key Member for Purchase Decision(15.7%)
Not involved in Purchase Decision(12.3%)